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We specialise in imported timbers, namely Merbau decking and exotic hardwood floors, such as the opulent European and American Oak.

Why Pick Wood Floors?

Wood flooring is a popular trend in interior design right now since it's timeless, stylish, beautiful, low-maintenance, modern but historic, and it's "green" in nature. Wood has long been associated with art and architecture and has had a significant impact on human history. Here are some other justifications for selecting wood floors:

Tip:Solid timber flooring typically comes as a raw product meaning after the boards are laid the installer will also need to sand and polish the whole area. Solid timber flooring looks amazing, ages well and can be re-sanded and polished numerous times which makes it a great long-term option.

Healthy and environmentally friendly options for homes and workplaces: As is common knowledge, wood is a natural substance. Wood is a completely ecological, replenishable, and limitless resource compared to other materials like stone, metal, etc. Thus, choosing wooden flooring for your home's interior is a healthy decision. Due to the lack of carpeting, the flooring does not collect as much dust, allergies, pollen, etc.

1. Attractiveness: Wood floors are pleasant in appearance and highly desired by interior designers and those who are remodeling their current residence or moving into a new one. In addition to being fashionable and opulent, this flooring would visibly enlarge the room.

2. Variety and affordability: If you're concerned about the expense of this flooring due to its glitzy appearance, don't be; they are available at costs to fit all budgets. Some solid wood flooring is really less expensive than some premium vinyl tiles. Depending on your preferences and needs, wood flooring comes in a wide range of possibilities starting at Rs. 75.

3. Upkeep and durability: Hardwood floors do not require the use of powerful chemical cleaners (unlike in the case of carpets). Compared to other flooring alternatives, they are quite simple to keep and clean. It is sufficient to lightly dust and brush as part of a regular cleaning routine. Hardwood and vinyl floors may be refinished rather than replaced when they require refurbishment, unlike carpets and other types of flooring. Wood is said to get prettier with age, therefore even if the hardwood flooring may eventually start to fade or lose its luster, this trait of wood would make it look even more lovely than before. If you want a flooring solution that will endure for virtually a lifetime, hard wood is definitely an excellent choice.

4. Easy to install: Wood floors are simpler to install than other types of flooring, but they should only be installed by someone who has experience with them. A quality finish is crucial to achieving the desired result.

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