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We specialise in imported timbers, namely Merbau decking and exotic hardwood floors, such as the opulent European and American Oak.

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Why Pick Wood Floors?

Wood flooring is a popular trend in interior design right now since it's timeless, stylish, beautiful, low-maintenance, modern but historic, and it's "green" in nature. Wood has long been associated with art and architecture and has had a significant impact on human history. Here are some other justifications for selecting wood floors:

Tip:Solid timber flooring typically comes as a raw product meaning after the boards are laid the installer will also need to sand and polish the whole area. Solid timber flooring looks amazing, ages well and can be re-sanded and polished numerous times which makes it a great long-term option.

Healthy and environmentally friendly options for homes and workplaces: As is common knowledge, wood is a natural substance. Wood is a completely ecological, replenishable, and limitless resource compared to other materials like stone, metal, etc. Thus, choosing wooden flooring for your home's interior is a healthy decision. Due to the lack of carpeting, the flooring does not collect as much dust, allergies, pollen, etc.

1. Attractiveness: Wood floors are pleasant in appearance and highly desired by interior designers and those who are remodeling their current residence or moving into a new one. In addition to being fashionable and opulent, this flooring would visibly enlarge the room.

2. Variety and affordability: If you're concerned about the expense of this flooring due to its glitzy appearance, don't be; they are available at costs to fit all budgets. Some solid wood flooring is really less expensive than some premium vinyl tiles. Depending on your preferences and needs, wood flooring comes in a wide range of possibilities starting at Rs. 75.

3. Upkeep and durability: Hardwood floors do not require the use of powerful chemical cleaners (unlike in the case of carpets). Compared to other flooring alternatives, they are quite simple to keep and clean. It is sufficient to lightly dust and brush as part of a regular cleaning routine. Hardwood and vinyl floors may be refinished rather than replaced when they require refurbishment, unlike carpets and other types of flooring. Wood is said to get prettier with age, therefore even if the hardwood flooring may eventually start to fade or lose its luster, this trait of wood would make it look even more lovely than before. If you want a flooring solution that will endure for virtually a lifetime, hard wood is definitely an excellent choice.

4. Easy to install: Wood floors are simpler to install than other types of flooring, but they should only be installed by someone who has experience with them. A quality finish is crucial to achieving the desired result.

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Blackbutt Decking

Greenhill Timbers' Blackbutt decking/flooring Melbourne is a wonderful match for the house, having the same colour and texture. Its innate durability and strength make it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Contact us at 03 9465 9875 to know more about our services.

How Should Merbau Decking Stain Be Handled?

Merbau is a gorgeous type of wood. It has a Class 2 "natural durability grade," making it extraordinarily resilient to decay and insect infestation, in addition to having a stunning appearance.

There is only one drawback. When installed, tanning in MERBAU Timber may "bleed" out of the wood. Please be careful to promptly wash any spilled tannin with water to avoid stains.

The tannin in Merbau Timber washes off when exposed to rain, however Merbau Decking Timber can bleed when it comes into touch with any liquid or chemical, such paint, regardless of whether it has been exposed to rain. especially when the terminal grain is left exposed or unprotected after a fresh cut. To know more about merbau decking melbourne, visit

It is advised that Merbau be natural or stained a dark brown color to reduce bleeding visible since you can see white painted Merbau turning pinkish due to bleeding. How much rain you have in the following months and whether or not your decking is exposed to the elements will determine how long it takes for the tannin to wash away.

The decking should be left alone for a few months to allow the tannin to gradually wash out, but during that time it will start to lose its color and turn gray. Scrubbing with a deck cleaner, letting it dry, and then adding oil seems like another option if you want to keep the color

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Is there any way to remove tannin stains?

Tannin stains on concrete, render, or pavers can be removed most effectively by wetting the damaged areas and wiping them with a firm brush or broom. Extreme staining can require a little "elbow grease" in addition to washing. To prevent the re-deposition of tannins, wipe small areas with a moist cloth and remember to rapidly wash any horizontal surfaces after washing any vertical surfaces.

One of the greatest options for removing stains from wood is bleach. Rinse the surface after aggressively cleaning it with chlorine bleach. Cover the stain with a cloth dipped in bleach, then continue the procedure until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Choose our company to get best services

Greenhill Timbers is, in fact, open for business. Our trade center and showroom are now open. GH will continue to use the Universal Covid Plan and offer contactless truck deliveries to our loyal clients as long as your safety is a concern. Thank you again for your continued support, and we hope to see you all soon. Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Chestnut, American Oak, Tasmanian Oak. and many more species of wood are available for flooring alone. All at really low costs. This implies that no matter the size or scope of your project, you'll be able to discover the correct wood (at the right price). With almost a century of combined expertise and understanding in the wood business, you can be certain that your requirements will be handled with care like engineered timber flooring melbourne and treated pine melbourne uncompromising quality.

Our team takes satisfaction in being able to assist you in obtaining the precise sort of wood you want. Whether you're a tradie who knows precisely what you need and is seeking for a good bargain, or you're a first-time visitor to a wood yard. We assess pricing, durability, appearance, and finish... and mix it with what you tell us to assist you in locating the best wood at the best price. Tennis Australia and RMIT both use Green Hill Timbers as a trustworthy source. Our wood was also utilized in the construction of 'The Cloud House,' which received the Melbourne Design Awards 2012 for Architecture Residential Constructed Winner.

On-site, pack, package, and put your lumber into your truck. You won't have to wrap your wood as a Green Hill client or once you've bought it, sling it to your vehicle All of your wood requirements in one place... Get dozens of different kinds of wood – both imported and domestic as well as the perfect cuts for every project. Decking, flooring, cladding, posts, fences, and other materials are available. ULTRA competitive price - compared to other lumber suppliers, we can frequently save you hundreds... even thousands of dollars on the same supplies. Quotes that are transparent: unlike some of our rivals, we quote you with the complete picture. Visit us online at

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Deck construction entails more than just 'tacking on.' It's all about designing decks that are beautiful, functional, and safe, as well as increasing the value of your home. That's why we pay close attention  to your deck design ideas and preferences. Then, drawing on our extensive experience as Melbourne decking builders, we turn your vision into a work of art. Building decks that blend in with and complement the architectural style of your home.

Regardless of how big or little your deck is, you should expect it to be flawless. In every manner possible. We won't accept anything less, and you shouldn't either. We do offer cheap prices at Leisure Decking. But, more significantly, we care about each deck we construct and how pleased you are with the end result. That is what keeps us going. And it's because of this that we've earned a reputation as Melbourne's most dependable deck builders.

Timber flooring adds a unique touch to any property. Solid hardwood retains a consistent feel throughout the year, whether it's winter or summer, and it's ideally suited to a variety of architectural types and personal design interests. It's also exceptionally long-lasting, and with proper maintenance, it can last a lifetime.We sell hardwood timber to DIYers in Melbourne, as well as residential and commercial builders.

Choose from a variety of hardwoods for flooring, including Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Chestnut, American Oak, Tasmanian Oak, and many others. All at unbelievably low costs. This implies that no matter the size or scope of your project, you'll be able to discover the correct wood (at the right price). With almost a century of combined expertise and understanding in the timber industry, you can rest assured that your requirements will be handled with care and uncompromised quality.

If you're looking for hardwood timber flooring in Melbourne, contact our staff today to get all of your questions addressed. We're always looking for new stock, so if there's something specific you're looking for that's a little tougher to come by, let us know and we'll see what we can do. For more details visit us at


Flooring is one of the most critical selections to make whether building a new house or remodelling an old one. Consider timber flooring as a cost-effective and easy alternative while considering these options for your house. Timber flooring are durable, simple to maintain, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing in any home.

The timber flooring Melbourne is available in a variety of styles nowadays. The majority of individuals pick a timber finish because they want their property to have a warm, timeless aesthetic. The following are some of the most popular timber flooring alternatives.

• Rose Gum - This gum is pink/red-brown in colour and has an average endurance. It has a grain pattern that is straight.

• Blackbutt - This kind has a beautiful colour and is less combustible. It is more suitable for areas prone to bushfires.

• Spotted Gum - is a darker brown colour with polygonal patterns. It's a strong wood that's widely used for decking and building structures.

• Ironbark - Colors range from dark red to dark, light brown. It's a tough, compact wood that's one of the most popular hardwood flooring choices.

There are several advantages to having a wooden floor. Timber flooring is non-toxic, do not split, need little upkeep, and are simple to repair if necessary. Polyurethane, natural oil, and wax are among the finishes available.


1. Longevity - Longevity is the ability to live for a long time Investing in a high-quality, solid wood floor assures that it will survive as long as the house or structure.

2. Ease of Cleaning - Unlike carpets, timber floors do not collect dust, aromas, or stains. A simple brushing or vacuuming of the floors removes dust and debris rapidly.

3. Hygienic Flooring - If you've ever lived in or worked in a place with carpets, you know how full they may be of dust, dust mites, fleas, and other dreadful parasites.

4. Appeal and Value - Timber flooring is a great way to increase the value of your home. Even if you've been living with timber flooring for a long time, you may easily restore them.

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It’s time to learn more about solid timber wood

The first thing you should ask yourself if you want to learn more about timber floors is: what is the difference between solid and engineered wood flooring?

People rush to choose a timber floor based on the type of wood, color, width, length, and price, but they neglect whether they would be better off with solid or engineered wood flooring.

This first decision will have an impact on the longevity of your floor, its durability, the time it takes to install, the number of times you can sand and polish it, the design and stylistic characteristics of the boards, as well as sustainability and emission levels.

A solid timber flooring is a typical hardwood floor that is made entirely of one piece of wood. This design can be found in historic homes all around Australia.

Solid wood flooring is often sold as a raw product (as opposed to pre-finished), which means that after the boards are installed, the installer must sand and polish the entire area. Solid wood flooring is an excellent long-term option since it looks great, ages well, and can be re-sanded and polished many times.

Isn't that fantastic? Here's something most customers aren't aware of...

When it's humid, solid wood flooring expands, and when it's dry, it contracts. Making the proper strong engineered timber floorboards is a true art for a company. The wood must be kiln dried and seasoned to reach a suitable moisture level in order to reduce expansion and contraction after installation.

True flooring experts will always utilize a procedure called hysteresis to age and balance the wood so that it doesn't move once it's installed.

The wood will become brittle and lose its visual appeal if it is dried too much or too quickly. The board, on the other hand, will expand and shrink if there is too much moisture in it. Board expansion is a concern since it causes the boards to press against each other, causing them to rise or cup. When boards shrink, they leave huge, unsightly gaps in your floor.

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Merbau decking Melbourne – A wonderful flooring option for new homes

We all want to build a wonderful house that should look perfect in every manner. Today, there are a number of flooring options that cannot be ignored due to their wonderful advantages and looks. You will find beautiful stones, marbles, granites, tiles and much more that can be used to make the floor and the ceiling look wonderful. Today, there are not many people who are going with common looks. People are always interested in making things better than others and cost effective in every manner.

Merbau decking Melbourne flooring options are wonderful to choose for your new house. There are numerous options available for flooring. However, wood is something that looks a class apart from others and it will also be warm on your legs. With other flooring options especially in clod or even normal climates you will feel cold feet. Due to the nature of marble and stones, its difficult to get the required warmth from them. Wood is something that can be easily modified to look the best way we want them to be. These are some of the most preferred options available today and is liked by many people due to their cost-effective nature and stylish designs and customizations available in the market.

With a good timber flooring Melbourne, you can make your house look different and more appealing to others. There are numerous companies who can offer you good wooden designs and customized models for roof and floors. Today, you will find people offering solutions online itself. Therefore, if you want good companies then don’t forget to look online, check and compare different companies and their offerings before finalizing any company for your housing needs.

Spotted Gum Decking

Spotted gum decking wood comes in a variety of brown hues ranging from delicate grey browns and soft creams to dark browns. It has certain specific advantages that contribute to its widespread use as a decking/flooring material. For any inquiry mail us to

All About Spotted Gum & Composite Decking In Melbourne

Spotted gum decking is made from a popular Australian hardwood that grows mostly on the east coast of the country, with the majority of it extracted in New South Wales and Queensland.

Despite the fact that the spotted gum tree's bark is light in colour, ranging from white to grey, the decking manufactured from spotted gum heartwood is often reddish-brown to golden-brown in colour. Spotted gum decking will become grey with time. The wavy grain of spotted gum decking, which gives a distinctive "fiddleback" aesthetic, attracts many homeowners and builders.

Uses of Spotted Gum :

Spotted gum is a reasonably versatile wood that is utilised in a variety of industries:

  • Engineering and construction
  • Cabinetry and decking
  • Shipbuilding and Paper Manufacturing
  • Framing a house

Let's look at another alternative for your decking needs now that we've looked at spotted gum decking: capped composite decking. Greenhill Timber composite decking melbourne follows strict and uniform quality criteria. Composite decks are made of  wood and plastic composite, requiring little maintenance and providing excellent stability.

Composite decking is stain-resistant, fade-resistant, scratch-resistant, and termite-resistant due to a carefully formulated mixture of components. Many householders are drawn to natural hardwoods like spotted gum for their warmth and beauty, but composite decking offers hardwood a run for its money.

Compared to hardwood decking, capped composite decking requires significantly less maintenance. There's no need to stain, seal, or worry about mould appearing at any moment. Cleaning is simple and simply requires soap and water. The antimicrobial surface will endure the whole life of the decking, which is built to withstand a range of weather situations.

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